Research Grant Application

Currently there are no Research Grants available to apply !!!



The Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) is a charity with IPC (Institution of a Public Character) status, dedicated to the mission of maximising life and minimising cancer through public education, screening, patient services, financial assistance, research and advocacy.

Since 1973, SCS has been supporting local cancer research projects across a wide spectrum of subjects, with the objectives of improving the quality of life, quality of care and quality of treatment for cancer patients. The Society would also like to underscore the importance of cancer prevention and screening, as well as the psychosocial aspects of cancer on the patients and their caregivers.

We are inviting grants proposals for projects in the following categories:

        Cancer prevention and screening (e.g. risk factors; nutrition & dietetics; development and evaluation of screening test; cost-effectiveness analysis of screening program)
        Cancer survivorship (e.g. Cancer support programs, cancer rehabilitation)
        Palliative care (e.g. behavioral and psychological supportive care, symptom management)
        Psychosocial and spiritual aspects related to cancer (e.g. effects of cancer on patients, family members & caregivers; spirituality in cancer care; developing long-term solutions for cancer ‘epidemic’)
        Health communication (e.g. communication strategy to inform cancer patients and caregivers)
        Health service program (e.g. identifying critical gaps in evaluating and improving quality of cancer care)
        Clinical research (e.g. medical/surgical/radiation oncology, clinical pharmacology)

The grant call aims at delivering holistic patient care and hence the invitation is open to all researchers from various cancer related health related disciplines, healthcare institutions and organisations in Singapore; from the public, private and voluntary sectors, which are involved in cancer care and/or research.

Proposals will be reviewed by the SCS Cancer Research Panel. Selection criteria for funding would be based on the following:

        Relevance of research topic to SCS programs and services
        Scientific Merit of Project
        Track record of Principal investigator and study team
        Feasibility of Project to successful completion
        Reasonableness of budget requested

Other important points to note for applicants:

        Only one person can act as the Principal Investigator. Only one application per Principal Investigator per grant cycle is permitted.
        SCS Cancer Research Grant will provide a funding quantum of up to S$200,000.
        Overlapping funding for projects supported by other grants is not permitted.

Only completed applications submitted online via SCS research portal will be accepted.
In addition, a soft copy of the completed, duly signed application form and relevant supporting documents must also be submitted to the following e-mail address:

Successful applicants will be notified by email. The results of grant call will also be published on SCS website.

Please do not hesitate to contact should you need further details or clarification.