Research Grant Application

Currently there are no Research Grants available to apply !!!



  • The Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) is a community based voluntary health organization dedicated to the mission of maximising life and minimizing cancer through public education, screening, patient services, financial assistance, research and advocacy.
  • Since 1973, SCS has been supporting local cancer research projects across a wide spectrum of subjects. This is done to meet the objectives of improving the quality of life, quality of care and quality of treatment for cancer patients. The Society would also like to underscore the importance of the psychosocial aspects of cancer on the patients as well as their caregivers.
  • We are inviting grants proposals for projects in the following categories:
    1. Sciences
      1. Behavioral (e.g. risk factors, prevention, screening, supportive care needs, health-related quality of life, nutrition & dietetics, nursing)
      2. Clinical (e.g. medical/surgical/radiation oncology, clinical pharmacology)
    2. Social sciences / Socioeconomics (qualitative & quantitative)
      1. Psychosocial aspects (e.g. effects of cancer on patients, family members & caregivers, coping with cancer, needs of cancer patients, developing long-term solutions for cancer ‘epidemic’)
      2. Quantitative and statistical surveys (e.g. link between screening & detection/cancer survival rates, effectiveness of screening) (We have special interests in funding small / start-up grants up to $25,000.)
  • The grant call aims at delivering holistic patient care and hence the invitation is open to all researchers from various cancer related health related disciplines, healthcare institutions and organisations in Singapore; from the public, private and voluntary sectors, which are involved in cancer care and/or research.
  • We would like to invite researchers in your institution to apply for these grants. Proposals will be reviewed by the SCS Cancer Research Grant Call Review Panel. Selection criteria for funding would be based on following:
    1. Title or topic of the research study
    2. Aims and objectives of research study – Must be clearly stated.
    3. Research rationale & philosophy – Researcher’s reasons for conducting the study and explanation of its impact/benefit to the population. Literature review can be mentioned if necessary.
    4. Research approach – Quantitative, qualitative or mixed study
    5. Research strategy – Survey/ case study/ sample study/ laboratory experiments for data collection
    6. Profile of research team to complete the project – Principal investigator, the team and organisations involved to complete the project
    7. Resources involved – Psychometric scales, specialized software’s (SPSS etc.), equipment’s, laboratories etc.
    8. Research ethical considerations – Like use of consent form wherever required, debriefing for survey or sample study, maintaining confidentiality, ethical approval from any other organization or bodies if required.
    9. Describe how the results may impact the community and/or intent to publish
    10. Research project timeline - Gantt chart for time management.
  • Other important points to note for applicants:
    1. Overlapping funding for projects supported by other grants is not permitted.
    2. Detailed responses of project evaluation may not be available.
    3. The maximum amount of funding to be awarded may be up to $200,000 for sciences and up to $100,000 for social sciences.
  • The grant call will commence on Monday, 1 January 0001 12:00:00 AM. Please submit both hard copies and soft copies (not exceeding 10mb) of the completed application documents to Singapore Cancer Society by Monday, 1 January 0001 12:00:00 AM.
    Attention: Huang Qing, Specialist, Research & Advocacy, Public Education, Singapore Cancer Society
    Address: 15 Enggor Street, #04-01 Realty Centre, Singapore 079716 Contact:
  • Successful applicants will be notified by email. The results of grant call will also be published on SCS website.
  • We do expect successful applicants to update IRB review status within six months from the date of application.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact should you need further details or clarification.